The Top Sims Contest needs judges like you

The Top Sims Contest needs judges like you

Who, me?!
Yes, you!
Do you like fame, adventure, gold-pressed latinum, and Orion slave girls and boys? Who doesn’t?!
Too bad we can’t offer any of that… But we can offer the gratitude and adoration of your shipmates and the fleet by offering to be a Top Sims Judge!
Being a Top Sims Judge is easy, it only requires a half hour or so of your time every two weeks, and you receive clear guidelines on how to participate. Each ship and installation in the fleet have a representative Judge in the Contest, and because terms are limited, there is always a need for new volunteers to be Top Sim Judges. Not only is this a fun and exciting way to get involved with the fleet OOC, it also introduces you to what the members of the fleet consider to be the best examples of what our game can offer.
If you’d like more details about what is involved with being a Top Sims Judge, please peruse the Contest wiki page and forums. Then, speak to your Commanding Officer and let them know that you’d like the opportunity to represent your ship or installation!
In the meantime, keep nominating sims that you feel are worthy of consideration for Top Sim, and make sure to vote in all the Run-Off Sets and the year-end vote for Top Sim of 2017.

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