Top Sims Contest Set 1, 2017 Winners: Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim

Top Sims Contest Set 1, 2017 Winners: Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim

Voting has just finished for Set 1 of the Top Sims Contest and a winner has been selected: Jalana Rajel of the USS Constitution and Sal Taybrim of Starbase 118 Ops for their joint sim “Captain to Captain“!
After sims are nominated by our general membership for the contest, a panel of judges reviews the nominations from each Round and selects their favorite to proceed to the corresponding Run-Off Set. The yearly calendar of Rounds is divided into four Sets, with about seven Rounds each. For more information, check out the Top Sims Contest calendar.
The Captains’ sim now moves on to the final vote of the year in December to compete against the three other Set winners for the title of “Top Sim of 2017.” Many congratulations to Jalana Rajel and Sal Taybrim on this honor. For your win, please display the following Badge (or enhancement) with pride:

Everyone is welcome to nominate sims of their fellow crew for the contest. If you think a sim is particularly well-written, be sure to show that writer how much you enjoyed the sim by nominating it! Just head to the Top Sims Contest forum to make your nomination now.

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