Quinn Reynolds promoted to Rear Admiral

Quinn Reynolds promoted to Rear Admiral

The Executive Council is very pleased to report that Quinn Reynolds has been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral!
We now have three Rear Admirals in the group, the other two being Toni Turner (CO of Duronis II Embassy), and Renos (CO of Andaris Task Force). With the recent departure of FltCapt. Solzano (on an extended LOA), all members of the Executive Council (not counting the Captain at Large) hold admiral ranks.
Reynolds was last promoted in February of 2016 to the rank of Fleet Captain, and her rise to this new rank is quite fast in terms of the history of the group, reflecting her incredible value to our community as a competent and skilled commanding officer, but also as an incredibly sharp administrative officer. She is not only a member of the Executive Council, but also a member of the Academy Staff, acting as a Deputy Commandant.
You can read more about RAdml. Reynolds in the recent interview from this past July on the Community News: Captain’s Corner: FltCapt. Reynolds.
Please join me in congratulating RAdml. Reynolds on this promotion!

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