Poll of the Week: Watching the directive

Poll of the Week: Watching the directive

Last week our question dealt with simming and the Prime Directive this week we wish to ask about watching the Prime Directive. Many episodes throughout the series dealt with the Prime Directive and all of the implications around it. Whether it dealt with the directive being upheld or the mess that occurred from a breach they were always fascinating and fun to watch. Many also have led spirited ethical debates in academia, print, as well as in homes and among friends.
Which Prime Directive episode was your favorite? Tell us in the forums!
There are so many great episodes that featured the Prime Directive it was really hard to narrow it down. TNG had a good number of episodes and the Prime Directive was even a theme in their movies. When the directive had to be broken or when the crews had to deal with the implications of contamination of other cultures were a common theme used to show the many aspects of the Prime Directive. Often it was broken to save people like in “Justice” when it was broken to save the life of Wesley Crusher, or when Nikolai Rozhenko beamed a group of Boraalans onto the Enterpirse-D in “Homeward.” Other times it was interference in the affairs of other worlds or civilizations that was the highlighted aspect of the Directive in an episode: Such as Section 31’s meddling in Romulan matters of state in “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.”  Some of the most entertaining were the times that illustrated the importance of noninterference in pre-warp societies like in “Who Watches the Watchers”, “Time and Again” or “Dear Doctor.”
So many excellent examples were shown and explored on screen there are many that were not included as options be sure to tell us about your favorite in the comments. This polls comes from our General Trek category where we as questions about our favorite moments, episodes, ships, and characters.

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