Poll of the week: Star Trek videogames

Poll of the week: Star Trek videogames

Star Trek long-ago invaded popular culture beyond just television and movies. Another place it’s won the hearts of fans has been in the videogame medium.
Of course, not everyone plays videogames! But many among us do partake, so it’s time we gave them a little focus here on the Poll of the Week!
It’s impossible to talk about all the Trek games that have ever existed, so let’s boil it down to genres. Which are your favorites? Here come some ideas, with some examples, but of course the list is way longer! Maybe you liked Real Time Strategy videogames? (Armada, New Worlds). Or maybe shooters? (Elite Force, The Fallen). Graphic adventures? (25th Anniversary, Justice Rites) Ship simulators? (StarFleet Command, Bridge Commander).
Did we mention your favorite? Do you want to tell us about some other videogame you loved? Come to the forums and join the discussion!
This is a new poll in our category “General Trek,” where we ask questions about Star Trek scenes, characters, starships, and in this case videogames.

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