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Poll of the week: Simming pets

If we ask about pets and Star Trek, most will automatically get an image of Spot in their minds. The fact our favourite characters had time or space for pets, and the fact that it was precisely Data the one who had a cat gave us an unique insight into the character.

Similarly, our very own characters in Starbase 118 have their own opportunities to have pets. Not just that, they have a huge amount of possibilities. Why limit yourself to pets we have here? They can have alien pets. Or even animals that would not usually be considered pets. Or maybe they don’t even need to be animals at all. Or organic, or even alive, for that matter.

So, do your characters have any kind of pets? Would you like them to? Even consider it?

This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

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