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Poll of the Week: Holotroubles

The holodeck! It’s one of our favorite subjects from Star Trek. On screen, this technology was used to show us fantastical stories and situations.

While the holodeck worked most days without any issues, now and then it went awry. Many episodes featured this circumstance, from Professor Moriarty taking control of the Enterprise, to most of DS9 senior staff believing they were characters in a spy adventure program, to beings from the fifth dimension mistaking the holoprogram Captain Proton for reality on Voyager. Each time the holodeck was affected in a way that put the crews in mortal danger were riveting episodes.

This week we ask: What was your favorite Holodeck troubles episode? Head to the forums and let us know!

This question comes from our General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.