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Poll of the week: Favourite weapon?

Although Star Trek tries to show their characters as peaceful, they can not escape conflict. As such we have seen a wide range and variety of weaponry – both Starfleet and every other civilization use them.

We are used to phasers, but we have also seen lots of variety. Ships use them, and people use them. Let’s focus on people. Handheld weapons, or even rifles. Although we can not vote for absolutely every weapon that has appeared (but feel free to tell us which one is your favourite), we can discuss which kind of weapons we prefer, be it for aesthetic reasons, perceived effectivity, or even preference for their users.

Maybe the classical beam phasers Starfleet use? Or, a bit more rude, the beam disruptors, like the Romulan weapons? Maybe pulse disruptors, which fire single blasts instead of a continued beam? Maybe you prefer classics, and want to revert to projectile weapons, be it explosion-propelled guns, or modern weapons like the TR-116?

Come down to the forums and tell us which are your favourite Star Trek weapons!

This poll comes from Trek Technology and science category. Where were ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek.

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