Poll of the Week: “Canon” Fire

Poll of the Week: “Canon” Fire

Let’s face it; the universe of Star Trek is enormous. Hundreds of hours of television create a vast tapestry of lore spanning several hundred years, not to mention a few different galaxies. Even for a seasoned Trekker, absorbing and assimilating this enormous amount of information is daunting, at best. There seem to be two predominant schools of thought on this. While it is a somewhat maddening task, many avid fans have taken it upon themselves to study Star Trek tirelessly, in all of its detail. As such, canon (defined as “a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine”) is often very important to these individuals, and tampering with canon in any way can elicit a negative reaction from them. However, there are plenty of diehard fans that are able to fully enjoy Star Trek without exhaustive and painstaking research.
There are certainly benefits to both approaches. As I was considering Star Trek: Discovery some time ago (a topic that will certainly be featured more prominently in future polls) I began to wonder toward which mentality this fleet leant towards.
This Poll of the Week asks you to consider your relationship with Star Trek’s canon: Is it important to you, beyond setting the scene for simming? Give us your vote, and discuss in the comments section!

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