Our monthly chat is this Saturday – we’re watching TNG: “Tapestry”!

Our monthly chat is this Saturday – we’re watching TNG: “Tapestry”!

Every month we hold a fleetwide OOC chat to allow people to gather, mingle, and make new connections. This month, we’re holding our chat a week early – on Saturday, May 6 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm London / 3am+1 Sydney (AUS) – at the yearly SciWorld online simming convention.
For this chat, we’re doing an open watch-along. Here’s how it works: You join a special chat room where you can watch a Star Trek episode from someone else’s computer. No special software required. Everyone joins in laughing, crying, and picking-apart the episode for the fun of it. This time around we’re going to be watching “Tapestry,” a Next Generation episode about an alternate reality where Capt. Picard never became the commanding officer of the Enterprise.
Joining us for the event will be other participants of the SciWorld yearly simming convention, where members of the Star Trek simming community come together for informational panels, trivia, live simming, and other Trek fun.
Click here now to add this event to your calendar and see when it’s happening in your timezone. We’ll send you a link to the chat room the day of the event.

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