De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans

De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans

De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans
In the year 2268, the USS Enterprise landed on an M-Class planet, 892-IV, in search of the SS Beagle, a missing survey vessel. The crew found a pre-warp, pre-atomic species with technology and a civilization closely matching 20th-century Terrans.
“An amazing example of Hodgkins’s law of Parallel Planet Development,” Captain James T. Kirk logged. “But on this Earth, Rome never fell. A world ruled by emperors who can trace their line back two thousand years to their own Julius and Augustus Caesars.”
At the time of first contact, Magna Roma, as it would later be referred to, was controlled by the Magna Roman Empire, a society of conspicuous consumption with heavily industrialized economy and a hierarchical system of rule that relied on a reformed slave system. Slavery had survived for millennia by giving slaves rights under the law such as the right to medicine and old-age pension. Holdovers from the worship of Roman gods made their way into contemporary products, like Mars toothpaste, Neptune bath salts or the Jupiter Eight model conventional internal combustion engine automobile.
Popular, televised gladiator matches dominated the imagination of the warrior people. Those convicted of a major crime were sentenced to fight in these matches in arenas, in truth television studios, with sponsored contests where viewers could name the winner. Executions were also televised.
A contributing factor to changes in Magna Roman society was credited to the Children of the Son, a religion based around a messianic figure who preached “words of peace and freedom.” This became a rallying point of Senators and slaves alike.
By the 24th century, the empire had been replaced with the Republic of Magna Roma, and the Magna Romans had been accepted into the United Federation of Planets. While maintaining no military space fleet, they began to contribute an exceptional number of personnel to Starfleet and the Marine Corp. The Magna Roma were gifted the Constitution-class USS Farragut upon its decommissioning, and they renamed it the USS Centurion, a floating museum and training facility. Ships headed by Magna Roman officers have participated in battles with the Borg and were actively engaged during Dominion War.
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