Are you interested in filling one of these important roles?

Are you interested in filling one of these important roles?

With over 100 actively simming members, our community is always abuzz with activity, both IC and OOC! And it takes the diligence and participation of many members to help keep all of our various fleet activities humming along as well as they do. That’s why we’re always looking for members like you to join in and take the lead in getting things done.
Check out these open roles that are perfect for folks who want to get more involved:

  • Calendar Master: This role is responsible for updating the forum calendar with all notable events happening within the fleet. This is a fairly simple job that requires interfacing with the Newsletter Team to make sure all the fleet’s events are “on the list,” and then making sure the calendar is regularly updated. Click here to learn more.
  • Academy Statistician: Members of the Statisticians team help keep track of everything having to do with the Academy, including incoming applications and Academy graduates, as well as which members of the Academy Training Team participated in each group – important, as our Academy Training Team is part of the promotion process for Commander. Click here to learn more.
  • Chat Team Deputy Facilitator: The Chat Team is responsible for scheduling and facilitating our monthly community chats. The facilitator for this team is tasked with ensuring that that all necessary reminders go out, about the upcoming chats, and that the chats are monitored and discussion is gently pushed in the right direction, while the deputy facilitator is tasked with backing-up with facilitator in all job roles. Click here to learn more.
  • Duty Post Forums Facilitator: The Duty Post forums are the greatest untapped potential for fun conversation in our community! We’re creating a new role to allow one person to facilitate the discussions across all the Duty Post forums, and wiki areas. Click here to learn more.

Check out the task forces area of our wiki for more information about other teams and guilds. We also have a Leadership Roster with a list of who leads each task force in the fleet.

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Looking for something fun to do? We have a whole list of fleet activities that are looking for members like yourself! Check out the Fleet Activity List today to see where you’ll fit in.