The 2017 Awards Ceremony starts today!

The 2017 Awards Ceremony starts today!

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While our group was founded in 1994, our first ceremony was held in 1996, bringing together the whole fleet for an In Character celebration. Since then, we’ve seen the addition of dozens of new awards, a transition to Out Of Character presentations, and a move from the traditional December presentation to June, to coincide with the yearly anniversary of our founding. We’ve come a long way!
Today begins our 2017 Awards Ceremony, and over the next few days we’ll present to the fleet the winners in five categories of awards:

  • General: Honoring the members who’ve won this year’s General, or ship-based awards
  • Staff: Honoring the work of our fleet’s staff members
  • Duty Post: Honoring the best simmer from each duty post
  • Special: Honoring specific aspects of simming or OOC work
  • Length of Service: Honoring members who have been with us for a year, all the way up to 10 years and more

It’s time to don your awards outfit and get ready for the fun to begin. Head to the forums to read the introduction and learn how to change your forum avatar.

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