Awards Ceremony 2017 – Duty Post Awards and finale

Awards Ceremony 2017 – Duty Post Awards and finale

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We’re just about all wrapped up for this year’s awards ceremony. Our last day is all about Duty Post awards, which each focus on a different departments, from the major ones – medical, operations or engineering – to the more unique – diplomacy, intel or marines. Even civilians have a chance to be recognised for the valuable contributions that can be made to our stories by those who prefer the path less worn!
Since only one award per duty post is given each year, only the very best are chosen and they are highly coveted awards. You’ll see from our spread of winners – who range in rank from Ensign to Captain – that every player has a chance to be considered for one of these by consistently simming to the best of their ability and striving to improve their craft.
And beyond the Duty Post awards, we wrap up with our finale and acknowledgements of all the hard work that went into putting this ceremony together. It’s no simple task to collate hundreds of award nominations, get them reviewed and approved, organize staff members to write a presentation for each, compile all that into templates, and prepare it for posting on the news, forums, and wiki! So take a quick look at our list of thanks to those – especially RAdml. Renos – who put in precious time and effort to pull it all off.
Click here to head to the forums and check out the Duty Post award winners, as well as the finale and list of acknowledgements for the 2017 Awards Ceremony!

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