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Listen to the holiday podcast for 2394

The Podcast Team is proud to present the final podcast of 2394, titled: Happy Holidays, Starbase 118.

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – read by Kelrod
  • Exclusive interview with Commander Brell of the USS Atlantis
  • A special holiday song with lyrics by Zephyr and sung by Alora DeVeau
  • Dramatic reading of the Top Sim of 2017: Cpts Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim – Captain to Captain Read by Kelrod and Lael Rosek
  • In and Out of Character Holiday Plans read by Kelrod
  • 118 Discord and Social Media Updates written and read by Zephyr
  • Fleet Announcements written by Lael Rosek and read By Zephyr

Click here to listen to this podcast now on YouTube.

About Lael Rosek

Lael Rosek is an Academy Statistician and a member of the Training Team. She is currently serving as a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer in the USS Chin'toka's Engineering Department. Her real name is Gina and her interests include astronomy, writing, and Star Trek. She currently lives in Arizona with her two young boys.
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