WOW! Check out all these donors.

WOW! Check out all these donors.

Earlier this week we asked our members to pitch in and help cover our website hosting costs, and we got an amazing response: YES, COUNT US IN!
We’ve had 11 donors since this weekend, as well as another donor that came in last week. They donated a total of $440, $60 of which was earmarked for advertising campaigns. Here’s the donor list:

  • Maxwell Traenor
  • Krindo Pandorn
  • Akoni Soriano
  • Irina Pavlova
  • Arturo Maxwell
  • Roshanara Rahman
  • Raissa Moonsong
  • Frank O’Malley
  • Sal Taybrim
  • Taelon
  • Raj Blueheart
  • John Nugra

Huge thanks to all of these folks, who have earned their donor badge and will soon see their forum accounts upgraded.
Can you join these members as donors? We’re at 63% to our goal of $1,344 – we need another $485 by May 1 to cover our hosting, domain, and software costs. Donating is easy, secure, and only takes a couple minutes.

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