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The honors of Top Sim of 2016 goes to…

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Top Sims Contest, including those who wrote amazing sims, nominated their peers, and voted in our run-off rounds. After 205 nominations, 26 rounds, 4 run-off set votes, and a final vote that garnered nearly 40% of the fleet’s participation, we have finally crowned the Top Sim of 2016!

Please join us in congratulating Lt. Commanders T’Lea and Rune Jolara for their sim, “Defying a Direct Order“!

Both winners have earned the “Top Sim of the Year” badge, to be displayed with honor and distinction.

With everyone’s assistance, we can make 2017’s Top Sims Contest an even bigger success. Remember to nominate often, even your own sims, and be sure to vote in the run-off sets and in the final vote of the year to crown the Top Sim of 2017. Submitting a sim to the Top Sims Contest is a great way to show your fellow crewmembers that you’re enjoying what they’re writing. And, it’s easy to do! Next year at this time, it could be you taking home the top honors!

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