Sci-Fi Writing Tips

Sci-Fi Writing Tips

You’ve got a fantastic idea for a new character or background. It’s so brilliant, and so obvious now that you think about it, that you wonder why someone hasn’t thought of the idea before. Or maybe you’ve got a fantastic new direction for your ship’s plot that you’re just dying to try out. You’re all set to create a bio or write that development. But take a moment first to think if that’s the best move.
We all want to write brilliant, engaging stories that make both readers and writers want to become even more engaged. Characters are what drive stories, and stories and what allow characters to grow, change and develop. The two work in tandem to create good fiction. But no matter how seasoned a writer you are — whether you’re writing your first sim or short story or you’ve spent decades perfecting your craft and have countless published novels — there are some important tips to remember for creating that good content.
Thankfully, the good folks over at OngoingWorlds provide 12 useful tips.
But these tips, while specific for sci-fi worlds and Star Trek, can be adapted for other genres. They recommend writing characters with goals. We all want something, both in real life and in a story. Maybe you the writer want a promotion at your real job. Well, so does your character. In other settings, the goal could be just as simple or complex. Writing horror? Maybe the characters want to survive the night in the haunted house? Fantasy? Maybe your hero needs to defeat some terrible monster. Whatever a character does, there should be a reason.
In addition to their tips, they provide links to further articles about good writing. Check out their examples and see if you can incorporate them into your writing.

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