Poll of the Week: Transporter Double

Poll of the Week: Transporter Double

As standard for your duties, you walk into the transporter pad to transport to a nearby ship, for transfer. After a final look back, you sigh and nod to the transporter chief and feel the familiar blue haze engulf you. An instant later the blue shimmer disappears and you stand there, in the very same transporter room, looking at the very same, albeit surprised, transporter chief.
“Sorry, sir.” she says, as he starts checking the computer for an explanation. She contacts your destination ship, but there seems to be a problem. Apparently, you are already there. For some reason, as your pattern was transmitted, the computer failed to eliminate your copy from this ship. The transporter chief doubts. Two armed security officers enter the room.
“Sorry, but we would need you to step back into the transporter so it can complete its cycle.”
This is a new entry in our Morals of Trek category. This time, it’s a familiar scenario from TNG, where Commander Riker experienced something similar – but not exactly the same since, where the two Rikers had years to lead separate lives, you barely had a few seconds!
What would you do? Come to the forums to tell us what you would do! Click here to vote in the poll now.

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