Poll of the Week: What’s your favorite medical device?

Poll of the Week: What’s your favorite medical device?

The medical technology portrayed on screen through the various Star Trek television series and movies have always filled viewers with awe in comparison to modern day technology. Many of them have moved from science fiction to science fact over the years with some if not most of their inventors citing seeing it on screen as their inspiration.
For this week’s poll we want know: What’s your favorite medical device seen on Star Trek?
Was it the sterile field introduced in TOS and mentioned in the later series that kept the surgical site complete clean by means of a radiation field, which sterilized surgeon’s hands as well as any needed medical instruments automatically when they passed through it? Or is it the commonly seen and immeasurably useful dermal regenerator developed by many species of the galaxy, capable of healing wounds without any scarring and even available for civilians to keep to handle minor cuts and scrapes? There are dozens of others to marvel! Check out the poll and let us know your favorite.
This question comes from our Trek Science and Technology category where we will pose questions relating to the technology and scientific principles seen in Star Trek. As well as how they often relate to the real world.

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