Poll of the Week: Favorite holoprogram?

Poll of the Week: Favorite holoprogram?

“Computer, Begin Program.” Those words excited us every time we heard or read one of our beloved Trek characters say the phrase. This week we ask you which holodeck program did you get the most enjoyment out seeing one screen.
Was it the thrilling spy drama of Julian Bashir, Secret Agent, or was it seeing Data and Geordi take on the main roles in a Sherlock Holmes program. Were the escape to another time to relax creations of Fair Haven or Vic’s Las Vegas Lounge, episodes you enjoyed each time they were revisited. The idea of an ongoing series of holonovels was always a fun one, and Trek showed us this well in The Adventures Of Captain Proton on Voyager and spanning nearly all of TNG even onto the big screen was The Dixon Hill in series, were one of these your favorite? Or was another tell us in the forums as we ask.
What was your favorite holoprogram seen in Star Trek? Head to the forums and weigh-in now!
This poll comes from our Trek Tech and Science category. Where we ask questions about Technology and science seen in Star Trek shows and movies.

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