Starbase 118 saves Romulan colony from destruction

Starbase 118 saves Romulan colony from destruction

VALDIS SYSTEM – The threat to a Romulan colony from a renegade Starfleet officer was neutralized but at a heavy cost.
Having located and confronted the out of control Haz Arrihman and discovered his plan to use a bioweapon to eradicate the Romulan colony in the Valdis system, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops, aboard the crippled USS Albion, raced against the clock to ensure that his plan was foiled while also attempting to locate a cloaked Romulan vessel – believed to be behind the destruction of the Stormcrow, Arrihman’s former command.
While the bridge crew attempted to find a way of tracking the vessel, the diplomatic team worked to draw the truth out of the crazed renegade and discovered that the bioweapon, while fatal to Romulans, would only cause mild symptoms for other species. The bioweapon had been developed by a member of Arrihman’s crew who had been in love with her CO.
The bridge crew were successful in luring the cloaked Romulan vessel out into the open following a suggestion that they use probes already modified for use in the Valdis system in conjunction with photonic energy from the ship’s main deflector. While it appeared that the warbird might attack them, it simply transported Arrihman off the ship before disappearing back under its cloaking device. Rather than risking a confrontation with the much more powerful vessel, the crew had no choice but to let the Romulans have him. They transmitted their findings–and a cure for the pathogen–to the leader of the Valdis colony and returned to Starbase 118 under their own limited power, picking up survivors of Arrihman’s earlier attack on the USS Valdis.
“She took a real pounding, did the Albion” said SB 118 junior engineer Ensign Harley Kaplan. “Arrihman really went to town on her. It could take weeks to repair all of the damage. There goes my shore leave!”
While shore leave granted for all those involved in the strenuous mission, it transpired that the winds of change were sweeping across the station. Captain Leo Handley-Page formally stepped down as Commanding Officer with Commander Sal Taybrim assigned as his replacement.
In a somewhat surprising move that is bound the cause raised eyebrows across the fleet, Taybrim tapped Chief Engineer Theo Whittaker as Executive Officer, promoting him to Lieutenant Commander, a mere nine months after his graduation from Starfleet Academy. In addition Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders became the second officer, Lieutenant Tatash was transferred to the Marine Corps and became Ops’ Marine Liaison, Anastasha Broi transferred to the Black Tower intelligence division, and Lieutenant Zinna returned to Counseling.

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