Starbase 118 Operations crew vacation on Raskor I

Starbase 118 Operations crew vacation on Raskor I

RASKOR I — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops enjoyed shore leave after deposing a corrupt flag officer who had been spreading disinformation.

Following the resignation of Commodore Allan Kinney, the senior staff of Starbase 118’s Operations Tower chose to vacation on Raskor I at a private resort built under the orders of the Commodore. This follows reports that the flag officer was in league with Nacien Rixx, the supposed head of the recently “returned” Orion Syndicate.
“Captain Taybrim and his crew were invited by the Raskorian government to spend their much deserved and needed shore leave in the resort, which is now the property of the Raskorians,” said Starbase 118’s deputy press secretary Lieutenant Donnatella Fitzwallace.
Reporters had questioned why the crew had decided to vacation at a resort built by a man who had been deposed.
“Captain Taybrim and his staff have worked tirelessly to combat the rising tide of crime within the Trinity Sector from the resurgent Orion Syndicate. They earned this,” she added as a final comment before moving on to other matters.
The vacation comes at the same time that reports from Starbase 118’s Commercial Sector indicate that a specially bred “micro-targ” was accidentally set loose in the sector’s Ashalla District, desecrating the Bajoran temple’s fountain and leaving a trail of destruction across several shops. Rumours that the targ belongs to infamous singer Lady Shadonna have so far been unconfirmed, although she has recently been sighted in the Trinity Sector following her successful concert tour in the area.

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