Starbase 118 Ops shuts down crime syndicate; battles holographic Klingons

Starbase 118 Ops shuts down crime syndicate; battles holographic Klingons

STARBASE 118 — The crew of Starbase 118 Operations returned home this week after putting an end to one of the most dangerous drug cartels on Tilanna V.

Links between the cartel and a criminal group known as the Jenatris Confederation appear to have been severed in the wake of the destruction of a strategically important nightclub, believed to be the organization’s hub. Governor Al’Akir announced plans to bring Tilanna under the control of the Klingon Empire shortly after.
Upon returning to the station, those involved in the mission engaged in some well deserved shore leave. Commanding Officer Sal Taybrim handed out numerous awards and promotions after a delicious three course meal provided by several catering companies aboard the station. Taybrim also announced plans to celebrate the birthday of the station’s Mission Specialist and Second Officer, Baylen Anders, by arranging a recreation of the 23rd century starship USS Armstrong on the holodeck.
“The senior staff of this Starbase work exceptionally hard eight days a week,” said station press secretary AJ Craig. “Their mission to Tilanna V was difficult on multiple fronts and I cannot blame Commanders Taybrim and Whittaker for allowing their crew to decompress and let their hair down.”
Almost all of the crew participated in the recreation, which saw the holographic vessel flying headfirst into Klingon space and facing down the disruptor cannons of two Klingon birds-of-prey. Rather uncharacteristically, several crewmembers began singing; the reason for this musical turn of events is as-yet unknown.

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