October post counts

October post counts

This October we saw a surge of activity! The start of school has settled down, Halloween approached. People were energized by the Halloween contest, and we saw an increase of simming throughout the fleet.
From September to October we increased our average per ship by 19 sims. This was achieved by a combined effort through our fleet to excite our crews and the total post count went from 1401 to 1555, which was a total increase of 154 sims! Additionally, we have surpassed last year’s average for October by 43 sims. Take a look:
By the end of October, five of our eight ships have seen renewed energy on their ships, and it is noticeable. The lowest peak in sim count was from the Darwin, having stayed pretty steady from their very nice post total in September of 194 to October’s ending count of 209. Other ships that were further down on their luck, like the Embassy and Athena, having pulled 158 and 159 sims respectively in September saw a minimal of 50+ sim increases, putting them at 212 and 283 for October.
Way to go fleet!

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