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We’re launching the USS Za – want to join the crew?

A new frontier has been opened, with age-old mysteries hidden for those who dare to explore. To the far galactic south of the Federation, beyond anything we know, the mission of the USS Za is to seek out new worlds and new civilizations. In their three-year mission, the crew of the Za set a course for the very edge of the galaxy, exploring at the edge of known space and the place where the stars end, where no one has gone before!

This week, UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG is excited to launch the USS Za, the fleet’s first Chariot class vessel. The Za, with its unusual shape, and return to Golden Era Star Trek storytelling, will be a welcome addition to the fleet’s growing ranks. Under the command of Fleet Captain Zalea Solzano (the writer of Fleet Captains Aron Kells and Cassandra Egan Manno), this ship launch is critical to opening new positions throughout the fleet for incoming ensigns and returning members.

Click here to check your eligibility, find out more information, and submit your transfer request. Your promotion progress goes with you to the new ship!

Act quickly if you’re interested – new ship rosters usually fill up within 48 hours of our first announcement going out!

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FltAdml. Tristan Wolf, real name Jordan, founded UFOP: StarBase 118 – a Star Trek Play By Email RPG – in June of 1994. He previously served as the Commanding Officer for a number of simming installations, notably the first of StarBase 118 Operations. He currently lives in San Francisco with his partner and their Humane Society rescue dog named Baxter. Jordan works in politics, loves scifi (natch), fantasy, and new technologies.
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