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July post counts

This July has been a good month for our ships – perhaps the new movie has inspired our members? Traditionally, July has been a month people spend on vacations, enjoying family and their time off and as a result, we’ve often seen a dip in activity this month of the year. In the past eight years of recordkeeping, we have only seen an increase to the monthly averages in July on two previous occasions. But this year we add a third, with the biggest average jump of 24 sims per ship! Last year our average for July was 184, and this year it was 233.


This jump shows an increase for more than half of the ships in our fleet. We’ve seen an increase of 38 sims from June to July with the Constitution, 82 sims for the Embassy, 98 sims for the Darwin, and 110 for the Athena (former Doyle crew) as they launch the new ship. Even the drops, as some ships wrap up missions and move towards shore leave, weren’t that steep. The largest dip was 39, while the smallest dip was 17. This is just a sign of exciting times for our crews!


Let’s keep up the momentum going into August and plan for another great month!

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