Great characters start with great bios

Great characters start with great bios

Every great character bio wiki page starts with having a great character concept. No amount of time and effort in organizing your character’s information or performing wiki-formatting acrobatics can turn a poorly thought-out character into a great character bio. In that spirit, here are five very important things to address and some questions to ask yourself to help develop and improve your character concept, your simming and your wikipage:

  • Personality: What are your character’s dreams, goals, ideals, ambitions, and fears? Why do they think and feel the way they do?
  • Appearance: What does your character look like? How do they ‘carry’ their uniform? What do they wear out of uniform? Why does your character look and dress this way?
  • Talents/Strengths/Personal Items: What are your character’s unique skills and personal items? Where did they learn and develop these skills? Where did the items come from? How does your character use them to drive and progress the plot?
  • Obstacles/Weaknesses/Limitations: What challenges does your character have to overcome? What personality flaws or physical limitations create difficulties for them? What has your character done to overcome their struggles? Do they rely on faith, education, the people around them?
  • Sociability: If you took away your character’s special talents, gadgets, appearance, and uniform, who would choose to associate with your character and why? Why would someone outside of the fleet care about your character if they read your sims?

The most important question here at the Featured Bio Contest Team is this: If I went to your bio wiki page how many of these questions could I answer about your character?
If you see a great character wikipage or are proud of your own work nominate a character for the Feature Bio Contest today!
Need a little more inspiration? Check our latest Featured Bio Contest winner Hannibal Parker and the list of past winners.

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