Character Bio Tips: Starfleet Academy background

Character Bio Tips: Starfleet Academy background

Every character in the Starbase 118 fleet started their simming career with their Starfleet Academy final test, a mission to test the cadet’s skills and abilities under pressure. Every character has chosen their Academy major and minor, some have even posted a copy of their transcripts as part of their character’s wiki page. However, like our real-life college experience, our major, minor, and transcripts don’t really tell all that much about us.
Here at the Featured Bio Contest team we are committed to helping you come up with the best character background possible. To that end, today we’re talking ‘Academy Days.’ Read on to learn more!
My university transcripts show me as an average student of psychology, sociology and qualitative research. However, what they don’t reveal is that I was an incredibly social person who managed to have a vast group of friends from varied social circles and that I was often the ‘bad influence’ that could convince others to forgo studying and work to head to the pub for a crazy night. They don’t show that I was involved in social activism supporting a campus women’s centre, an LGBT organization and helping to organize anti-racism events. They don’t show that I could kill it at karaoke and get people up and dancing.
Your character’s Starfleet Academy transcripts have the same limitations – they don’t tell readers what kind of person your character was at that important time in their lives. Were they a quiet, introverted student whose social life consisted of study groups and quiet nights alone reading; their single major non-academic achievement was winning the campus’ Kal-toh championship? Perhaps your character was the varsity party boy who was more often found in the clubs of San Francisco than the halls of Starfleet Academy.
If you’re looking to improve your character’s wiki page, and a possible next step after writing their background here it is: Academy Life. Considering writing a subsection of their background that focuses specifically on their time at Starfleet Academy. Describe what kind of student they were, what extra-curricular activities they participated in, what kind of friendships they made, what they did on their downtime, and finally how all of these ‘non-transcript’ experiences helped to make them into the officer they are today!
And don’t forget: If you see a great character bio wikipage or are proud of your own work nominate a character wikipage for the Feature Bio Contest.

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