Make a donation to support your favorite Star Trek community!

Make a donation to support your favorite Star Trek community!

Did you know that it costs more than $1,300 each year to keep our community’s website, forums, and wiki online? As an all-volunteer organization, funding those costs requires the participation of our entire community. That’s why once or twice a year, we put out a call to all of our members to pitch in a few dollars and help us reach our funding goal.
Click here to start a donation of $5, $25, or more to our yearly hosting costs. It only takes a few moments, and your donation is processed securely.
Here’s how your donation will be used:

  • Domains: $105 per year. We have seven domain names that we renew each year to protect our brand.
  • Web hosting: $850 per year. Our forums, wiki, and other peripheral areas of the site are hosted on a Virtual Private Server.
  • SSL certificate: $100 per year. Using an SSL certificate on our server ensures that our traffic is secured, increases our search engine rankings, and creates trust with visitors.
  • Forum licensing: $50 per year. This allows us to run our forum software and get regular security updates as necessary.
  • Backup: $120 per year. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups of our site.
  • GravityForms: $99 per year. A website plugin that makes administering our dozens of forms easier, as well as cutting down on spam trafficking.
  • Website caching: $20 per year. To help our main website load as quickly as possible, we use a plugin which requires a yearly subscription.

We’ve already raised over $400 for our 2017 costs, but we still need about $900 before the deadline in March. Please consider donating today to help us reach our goal!

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