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The chat room has moved to Discord

Since we moved voice chat to Discord a few months ago, a free chat program for gamers, our IRC chat room has been deserted! So as of today, we’re officially moving all chat – voice and text – to Discord.

Discord is entirely free, but it does require you to register through a very easy process. To get started, head here:

There’s a simple walk-through once you join the chat room that will help you get started. You may want to consider giving it a try right now so that you aren’t delayed in joining us for the next chat event.

Important note: So that we can allow prospective members to join the chat room to ask questions and learn about us, anyone who joins the chat room is set as a server guest. This means everyone joins with limited privileges. But current UFOP: SB118 members only need to have a staff member set which ship they play on to be “upgraded” with full chat privileges and the ability to join your ship’s private chat room. You should see the staff listed on the right-hand side of your screen near the top, categorized as “EC members” or “Staff,” like so:


Just like on the forums, you can put an @ symbol before someone’s name, in your chat box, and type their display name to “ping” them. You can use that to request that you be added to your ship’s user group.

If you have questions about how Discord works, please feel free to post them on the forum.

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