April post counts

April post counts

Today is May the 4th, and National Star Wars day. Even though we are a Star Trek group, the force was with our membership in April. April was a good month, most of our ships experienced an upward climb in activity, or maintained their strength. This April was the second highest April since 2009!
As we reflect back on April, moving into the spring and warmer months in the northern hemisphere, we can see the thaw on the keyboards and creativity throughout the fleet. As is the norm, some ships experienced an spike, while others experienced a slight drop, next month they may be reversed. But, looking at the numbers only shows the activity, where we can see the Doyle experience another hike in numbers by 65 from last month’s total of 244. Other ships experiencing an increase boosting them over 200 were: the Embassy with an increase of 34, putting them at 201, and the Constitution with an increase of 24, putting them at 212.
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With our history, let’s hold off on predictions for next month, as historically our luck could go either way. Let’s just keep the plots fun and entertaining, the rest will take care of itself!

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