Upcoming Star Trek Novels

Upcoming Star Trek Novels

Are you looking for a good set of Star Trek stories to sink your teeth into over the summer? Need a little creative recharge for your simming? Or maybe wondering what the hottest new stories are on the Star Trek block?
Look no further! It’s time to check out the newest upcoming releases for Star trek fiction!
Just out is ResistanceJohn Byrne‘s newest installment in his photographic novel series New Visions series. What is a photographic novel you ask? Well, it’s exactly like a graphic novel, but it uses photography from the original series to illustrate the story. Resistance features an old enemy in a new setting as the Borg come against the original Enterprise. Here’s a preview!
Coming out in June is the TNG novel Armageddon’s Arrow by Dayton Ward. This action packed novel follows the voyages of the Next Generation crew’s new adventures on board the USS Enterprise-E in a story full of surprises:

It is a new age of exploration, and the U.S.S. Enterprise is dispatched to “the Odyssean Pass,” a region charted only by unmanned probes and believed to contain numerous inhabited worlds. Approaching a star system with two such planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew find a massive alien vessel, drifting in interstellar space for decades. Sensors detect life aboard the derelict—aliens held in suspended animation.
Thought to be an immense sleeper ship, the vessel actually is a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds . . . the final gambit in a war that has raged for generations across the nearby system. Now caught in the middle of this conflict, Captain Picard attempts to mediate, as both sides want this doomsday weapon . . . which was sent from the future with the sole purpose of ending the interplanetary war before it even began!

And coming in September is Atonement – the exciting conclusion of Kirsten Beyer’s Voyager relaunched series. Beyer’s novels have been praised for taking a bold, new direction for the Voyager story after the ship returns to the Alpha quadrant, which continues on in this epic conclusion:

Admiral Kathryn Janeway faces a tribunal determined to execute her for supposed crimes committed during Voyager’s maiden trek through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Chakotay knows that the Kinara, several species now allied against the Full Circle fleet, are not all they appear to be. The Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant—a pact he cannot trust—is his only hope for unraveling the Kinara’s true agenda and rescuing Admiral Janeway. Meanwhile, Seven and Tom Paris are forced to betray the trust of their superiors in a desperate bid to reveal the lengths to which a fellow officer has gone in the name of protecting the Federation from the legendary Caeliar.

You can also check out the first two books in Beyer’s series: Protectors and Acts of Contrition.
Happy reading Star Trek fans, and stay tuned for more upcoming Trek media news!

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