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STARFLEET: The world’s largest Star Trek fan club

For over 35 years, STARFLEET has provided Star Trek fans a way to meet each other, make friends, have fun, give back to their communities, and show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can live long and prosper. On the local level, members can gather with other fans for a variety of enjoyable activities. On the international level, STARFLEET offers our members a wealth of resources that you won’t find in any other Star Trek fan clubs.

STARFLEET is divided into hundreds of local chapters, each named as a different starship or space station. Chapters are where the members of STARFLEET get together locally to make friends, meet, and have a fun time. The many chapters are spread out across countries all over the world.

We were fortunate to have Eilidh Douglas Montgomery, the First Officer of the USS Alba (the only Scottish Chapter in STARFLEET) judging our 2015 Halloween Competition Recently. The USS Alba is a correspondence chapter that welcomes members from all around the world, so you don’t have to live in Scotland to join their chapter.

Membership starts from $10 – you can view pricing guides and the perks of membership on their website.

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