Poll of the Week: Win, Lose or DRAW!

Poll of the Week: Win, Lose or DRAW!

We all know the iconic opening lines from the original series as spoken by William Shatner “Space, the Final frontier. These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission…”
We’ll stop there, as we now have ourselves a little problem. In the Original Series, it appears the producers had every intention of having the series last at least five years. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite pan out as they originally hoped, and the plug was pulled on the series after three years. However, Star Trek the Original Series would eventually come back to life and finish off their original five year mission with a series of new missions between 1973–1974 after the original series became popular in syndication. But to keep the budget down, it was animated.
After watching some terrific 3D animated movies from both Pixar and Disney, I was thinking that this may be a unique way of bringing Star Trek back to life on the small screen that would not break the budgets of production companies. As CGI and 3D rendering becomes easier to create as the years progress, perhaps this would be an interesting way to revive the small screen adaptation of Star Trek. Or maybe not.
If so, would you like to see one of the previous series come back to life as an animated series? If so, which one and why? Or would you rather see a brand new series of this sort? Or maybe you think this is a crazy idea that would never fly, no pun intended? If so, why?
So head on over to the polls and vote for your favorite option and don’t be afraid to let us know the reasons for your choices.

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