Poll of the Week: The Pointy Eared Ones

Poll of the Week: The Pointy Eared Ones

Vulcan’s have been part of the Star Trek universe from the opening scenes of the original pilot of the original series, The Cage to today’s most recent incarnations of Star Trek, on the big screen. Vulcans have become a part of Science Fiction lore for almost 50 years and have become part of our culture. I for one can only assume that this is due to the actors that have portrayed Vulcans on both the big and small screen over the years and their skills at being able to do so.
Playing a Vulcan, as an actor, could not be easy. As an actor, one is taught to portray emotions based upon what the script calls for. As a Vulcan, should an actor be handed a script that may call for their character to be involved in an emotional situation, the actor has to be able to not only pretend to contain their emotions, but also try to portray that they are not robots. I can only assume that playing a Vulcan, in a realistic fashion, would probably be one of the most difficult roles any actor could take on.
So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question. Of all the actors that have portrayed Vulcans in Star Trek, who would you say did the best job in doing so? Head on down to the polls and vote away and as always, if I missed anyone, don’t be afraid to let us know. Oh! And also, please tell us why you chose as you did.

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