Poll of the Week: Languages of Star Trek

Poll of the Week: Languages of Star Trek

One of the wonders of the city where I live is that there is more than one language that is spoken by the general population on any given day. Our main language is French but there are many who speak English as well. In fact, when walking around, you may hear a group people speaking to each other in English as they sit around a table eating a dinner at a restaurant, and will easily switch to French when ordering their food from the server. And the opposite also occurs as well. This goes for most of what happens here in Montreal as most of the population is bilingual here.
So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question: In addition to the language you speak, what language of the Star Trek universe would you also like to know?
Our list is not all inclusive and I may have omitted other languages from the Star Trek universe, so if there is a language you wish to add, just put it in the comments and we here at the Poll of the Week are eager to see which Star Trek languages would be your favorite to learn!

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