Poll of the Week: Auld Lang Syne

Poll of the Week: Auld Lang Syne

Each year we look to the next as – hopefully – being better and brighter than the last. We learn from our experiences as the years slip away, and as as we learn, we grow and become more mature, more adept and hopefully, more wiser. In my personal life, I see the changing of the years to be a bridge to new experiences, hopes, fears, losses, gains and loves. And as with all experiences, whether they be good or bad, each can be taken as a new form of growth.
When I write for my character, I try to envision the same type of growth in her. Whether she’ll achieve her ultimate goals or not, is not so much the ideal when I write for her. It’s how she deals with the situations she encounters in her missions that she participates in is what I strive to portray. I consider each one to be in fact a new learning experience for her, whether the outcome is good, or bad. This is something I try to write into her story arc on a regular basis.
As the year draws to a close, this Poll of the Week will look both to the past and to the future, with an emphasis on your character or characters. As for the past, did you achieve all you planned to achieve with your character(s) over the past year, or was there something that did not quite turn out? As for 2393, what are your plans for your character? Do you hope for that promotion, that award, that badge, or move into command? Do you plan to take up a new OOC activity, or just become more involved in the group in general? Or are you happy where you are and what you are doing and just wish to continue simming and enjoying your time with the group?
Click here to input your vote now! Multiple responses are allowed, so click away and be sure to add your input below.
Happy New Year to everyone in the fleet!

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