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Romulan terrorists target StarBase 118 Ops

STARBASE 118 — A Romulan terrorist group calling themselves the Ralaaram Ocala seeks to cripple StarBase 118 with homemade explosives.

Starfleet teams found that the combination of two common chemicals – the exotic liquor “Gold Dew” and calcium trisulfanide, a terraforming fertilizer can be used to create a ‘sticky bomb.’

StarBase 118 conducted a full bomb sweep, removing several bombs from critical power relays and security junctions. They also apprehended one of the saboteurs that planted the bombs, putting the woman in the custody of the Black Tower.

“Problem is, we don’t know how much of those materials the Romulans were able to buy, before we shut it down,” said Lt Commander Rhys Hayden of Starfleet customs. “We might still be seeing these bombs for years to come.”

Both materials are now on the list of controlled and restricted chemicals, illegal to trade within the Federation without a permit.

A Starfleet strike force team led by Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon was able to infiltrate civilian spaceport Miranda VII and prevent a large quantity of materials from falling into the hands of the Romulans. They were also able to apprehend key contacts from the organization selling bomb materials to terrorists. Starfleet hopes to glean more information from questioning the suspects.

Meanwhile StarBase 118 hustles to tidy up and welcome back Captain Handley-Page from his Terran vacation, hoping he will overlook the scorch marks in the security section.

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