Forums Roundup: February 2015

Forums Roundup: February 2015

Can you believe that we’ve already blown through the first full month of this year? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and from the looks of our forums, there’s been plenty of it! Let’s keep the momentum going this month. Check out what’s happening now around the Starbase 118 forums.
We’ve said goodbye to the Writing Challenge, but we’re still very active in our Top Sims contest. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and read the best sims from around the fleet right here:
And don’t forget about the new Graphics Contest! With multiple categories and winners, share a picture you create with the fleet. This round, the topic is ‘My Favorite Things’. Learn more, or submit your entry here:
There are incredible adventures going on right now all over the fleet. Heroic acts and difficult moments abound, with the news rarely reaching everyone. At least that was until 118 got a steady media voice! Find out the latest news from every ship in the fleet directly from our Federation News Service:

Everyone is looking forward to the newly conceived ‘Fleet Wide Plot Arc’, which promises to bring the Starbase 118 fleet together in the shadow of a shared goal. In the past, summer blockbuster missions did this on a small scale, but the FWPA takes things to a whole new level. Get as involved as you can, starting here:
And speaking of bringing the fleet closer together, there’s a number of Guilds and Duty Post threads that offer another way to interact with members of the Fleet from vessels other than your own. Join the conversation today and share your experience with your fellow officers: and
Of course, there’s plenty of other things to get into around the forums too; this is just a taste. We encourage you to check it out today and join in the fun! See you next month.

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