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Congratulations FltCapt. Egan Manno

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the promotion of Captain Cassandra Egan Manno to the rank of Fleet Captain.

Besides commanding one of our fleet’s most prolific ships, Egan Manno has served as the Captain at Large to the EC for the last year, served as the Captains Council’s Magistrate in 2013, facilitated the Awards Selection Committee for 2014 and wrote the introduction to the Awards Ceremony (as well as compiling most of the ceremony), facilitated the Writing Challenge for the past two years, and has been a regular author for the News Team.

Egan Manno’s writer started with our community in 2005 and took a brief leave of absence before roaring back a few years ago. We want to thank the writer behind this character for all the hard work, and many contributions he has brought to the community, and look forward to many more years with us.

Please join us in congratulating Fleet Captain Egan Manno on the forums.

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