Changes to Community Promotion Guidelines

Changes to Community Promotion Guidelines

Did you know that we have a rank-by-rank guide to promotions? This helpful walk-through makes clear the steps required to move toward their next promotion, all the way up through captain!
Unsurprisingly, the pages with the most views are the ones that address promotion through the rank of lieutenant commander — and it’s that set of promotion guidelines that has recently seen a change. Specifically, the guidelines for promotion to lieutenant and lieutenant commander have seen the additional of an extra, crucial line:

Demonstrate that your writing abilities are among the best in your simming group and that your written English is proficient such that spelling and grammatical mistakes in sims are uncommon or rare.

This important addition, certified by the Captains Council, reflects the value placed by the fleet as a whole on good writing. Command staff, as well as those who wish to become command staff, are expected to be role models for their crews with respect to their writing, both style and content. This new guideline helps to serve as a reminder, for those interested in promotion, that their writing is very important — and it should be a helpful reminder for COs, too, that looking out for strong writers, in addition to being mindful of the other promotion criteria, is an important thing to do.
As always, remember that promotions up through the rank of lieutenant commander are at the discretion of your ship’s commanding officer.

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