Did you win an award? Find out now!

Did you win an award? Find out now!

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Our fleetwide award ceremony, in which the Special, Duty Post, Staff, and Member Length of Service awards are announced – as well as the winner of the yearly Top Sims Contest – has now been posted on the wiki. Find out now if you won an award by clicking through!
This yearly ceremony is a tradition dating all the way back to 1998, when our fleet would come together for a month in an out-of-the-timeline ceremony with all fleet members present In Character. These days, the awards are entirely OOC, so that our members can understand fully just what they did to earn these prestigious commendations.
General-category awards are posted to each ship’s OOC list, and you will likely have seen yours by now. Special and Duty Post awards are chosen by a committee of staff members who review nominations from around the fleet and decide based on the evidence provided which member is most deserving.
After checking-out the award winners, be sure to stop by the forums and join in the conversation and congratulations!

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