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Crisis brings forth strange new life

TELDEN SYSTEM – The USS Avandar found themselves witness to a highly unusual birth.

As the situation in orbit around Telden stabilised, things on the ground heated up immensely. The crew aboard the USS Avandar (NCC-80203) worked to establish contact with both the local forces and the unknown alien bioships in the area, whilst the away team attempted to deal with the casualties they found there – as well as the increasingly severe seismic activity beneath the city.

After a great deal of effort, a partial translation of the aliens’ message was achieved, though it didn’t prove particularly enlightening. The need for some sort of understanding became even higher when the quakes rocking the surface began to cause severe damage, but the very unusual cause was located. Appearing to be of the same type of craft as the bioships in orbit, a much smaller vessel was in the process of attempting to breach the surface and take to the skies, though with unfortunate effects on the city that was in the way.

Evacuating as many people as possible from the area by transporter, the Avandar was unable to get a solid lock on all members of the away team, which led to some of them being stuck on the ground amidst the rapidly rising panic, which led to Major Siris being injured by local security forces whilst he and Ensign Wilde were trying to explain their presence.

Finally, the hatchling’s distress led to the risk of total destruction of the city, and Captain Vetri took the Avandar into the atmosphere in a low-level pass that permitted the use of tractor beams to clear the rubble blocking the newborn’s path. With that obstacle out of the way, the small bioship joined its fellows in orbit, and the whole group departed without any further attempt at communication.

“Weirdest childbirth I ever saw,” Lieutenant JG Lian Li, an intelligence officer aboard the USS Avandar observed, “and definitely the messiest.”

A mess that the Avandar’s crew quickly got to work helping the locals to deal with, providing medical and other emergency support as everyone tried to get to grips with the events that had just unfolded before them.

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