That’s the Way, Ah-ha, Ah-ha…

That’s the Way, Ah-ha, Ah-ha…

It’s a new year and a new start for the recruitment drive for UFOP: Starbase 118! As we take our first steps into the brave new year, it’s time once again to let you guys know exactly how you can help us to get our name out as far and as wide as possible!
Are you on facebook? If so, did you know that UFOP: SB118 has its own facebook page? If you have your own non-character based page then it would be fantastic if you could drop on in and give us a like:
There’s something released through social media channels every day, but this month, a concentrated effort on facebook could really help us to take off. You can help us in three ways. Liking our posts is a fantastic way to increase the number of people who view what we write – that includes ship summaries, fleet events and also general articles about Star Trek, Sci Fi and Science. In turn, that could lead to friends of yours (or indeed friends of friends) liking our page, which spreads our sphere of influence ever wider! Even better, you can share what we post, which gives people a direct chance to take a look at the interesting article of the day.
The best possible way to get involved, though, is to post a comment! Your friends will be able to read that you did, but they will then have a chance to add their own views! If we’re talking about a little known piece of trivia from one of the trek films, or asking for your opinion on a recent scientific discovery, why not post up your viewpoint? The more discussion we get, the more the posts stay alive and the more people will see us chatting! That will tempt them to join in and give them a chance to interact with the members of the 118 fleet. We’ve said on countless occasions that you’re our best asset for publicity because you’re a fantastically welcoming bunch so let’s get out there and see how many people we can draft in! After all, once we pass a certain level of popularity on Facebook, each post we make will be seen by that many more people, so this is the kind of work where each mote of effort really contributes to the overall picture! Many hands make light work and every person counts, so see you on Facebook!

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