Revisiting the Plot: How to Create the Base of a Convincing Story

Without a good plot, or a story to follow, our characters are basically just muddling around in the dark. Every player knows that if there are no problems to solve, or crises to overcome, then there is little reason for our characters to even be there. At the heart of every great sim, and exciting moment aboard your ship, is the plot that you and your fellow crewmates are weaving.

So how do you add to it in a way that not only lends itself towards realism that can help bring a story to life, but also helps make things more exciting for you and those you sim with?

It might not always seem easy, which is why we think it’s a good idea to revisit last year’s Writing Improvement Month tutorial on Sowing the Seeds of a Convincing Plot. Within, you’ll find helpful information that you can use regardless of what rank you are. Put these tips to use right away and start improving the story your characters live in, while making it more fun to sim yourself. In the end, you’ll soon realize how helpful it can be to build on a plot realistically, enabling those around you to do the same.


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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti has been a member of the Starbase 118 Fleet now for over five years and she still loves it just as much as she did when she joined. The joys of writing for a character that's truly come to life, coupled with the friends she's met throughout the Fleet, has made 118 a part of her daily life.
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