Recast the Captain, TOS Edition!

Recast the Captain, TOS Edition!

This week’s poll begins another series of polls, this one on the topic of alternate leadership.
In the Original Series, the powerhouse acting of William Shatner as James T. Kirk, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, was dominating. It affected everything about the series and there are few scenes that Kirk himself doesn’t appear in. What, however, would the series have been like without his lead from the front, machoman, jump on the hood and hang on style of leadership? If, say, Spock had been in the chair, would that have made a difference? What about Scotty instead? What would’ve happened had someone more sedate, say Uhura, had been the commanding officer of the good ship Enterprise instead? This is your chance to correct Roddenberry’s “mistake” and imagine your favorite cast member at the head of the crew.
Here’s a list of the cast members to choose from. Pick your favorite and tell us why!
Image by ochopanteras.

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