Poll of the Week: Funniest moments of the Star Trek Movies

Poll of the Week: Funniest moments of the Star Trek Movies

As we wrap up our series on the comedy of Star Trek, we are left with the wonderful trove of classic movie moments. Even the “bad” movies have their giggle points, times when the crew are making like of their plights, making fun of each other, or simply out lashing in frustration. The cultural comments abound throughout the movies and there are lots of points where they are used to hilarious effect. From the campy 70’s-ness of the ST: The Motion Picture to the epic battle of ST: Nemesis, there’s humor to be had out among the stars. Sometimes it is planned, sometimes forced and other times completely unintended, but it still tickles the funny bone.
While there are more than we could possibly put in here, here are a few of my favorites. Vote on yours and add more!

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