Poll of the Week: Funniest Moments in Star Trek: Enterprise

Poll of the Week: Funniest Moments in Star Trek: Enterprise

Hello everyone and welcome to the next chapter in our comedy of Star Trek series, our focus on the ill-fated Enterprise.
In the canon prequel series, we see humankind for the first time traveling out into the stars at Warp 5, the holy grail of interstellar travel. However, they find out quickly that, even in their own little corner of the wide wide galaxy, there is a lot to be feared: a shadowy Temporal Cold War, hostile alien empires, wars between friends that need serious mediation, and other stuff hitherto unimagined. Throughout it all, even when the Earth itself is on the brink of being destroyed, the crew manages to keep their spirits up!
Come see how and share your favorite funny moments of Archer and the gang!

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