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October 2014 Post Totals

As part of an ongoing overview of the whole fleet, we’d like to present for you the posting totals and simming trends for and through October. These number will give you some idea of how active our ships are month-to-month, as well as how the whole fleet is doing.

Simming numbers were up for most ships in October, including the Columbia, the Constitution, the Gemini, and the Victory, but especially for the Garuda, which posted that ship’s highest numbers ever! At 290, the group improved upon its September by almost 100 sims. Major kudos to Leo, aka Lieutenant Commander Nia Calderan, who is currently leading the ship as acting CO as part of his commander’s practical exam.

post totals october 2014

The whole-group average was steady around where it was in July and August, as well as back into May and even further back in February and March. Despite the many fleet changes that 2014 has welcomed, it seems that 170-180 sims per month is a fair approximation of a standard for the year. Looking back even further, you can see that for the last couple of years, September has resulted in a dip in total number of sims — but October has seen some recovery. What will November bring?

averages per month october 2014sims per month october 2014

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